Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to believe that another boating season is rapidly drawing to a close. Here at Prestige Yacht Sales after a busy spring and summer highlighted by our traditional Beneteau Rendezvous in Mystic last August, for us, the fall shows always are a bittersweet time.  That’s because nothing beats the excitement of the shows and the opportunity to meet new customers, but it is always the signal that in a few weeks, the dreaded “winterizing of the boats” time is drawing near!

The Newport show saw a slight increase in attendance over last year and Norwalk had an uptick in attendance on Saturday and Sunday.   As important, “market breath” was as positive as ever at both. Fueled by a strong economy, and Connecticut’s new 2.99% sales tax on boats (for all boats, trailers, and outboards purchased after July 1st, 2018), sales after the shows have been brisk and to date, Prestige Yacht Sales is having its’ best show season ever.

With the holidays upon us we here at Prestige wanted to wish all of the extended “Prestige Family” a wonderful season. I would guess that at one of folks’ many holiday dinners, the conversation will “drift” to a day on the boat last summer. Boating, like no other sport, is truly a family and friends activity. In this busy time of cell phones, texts and ok, newsletters, the idea of sitting in the cockpit at anchor with family or friends undisturbed is a moment to remember. So, this winter when you are shivering while waiting in line at Stratton or Okemo Mountain, think of leaving your home port on a warm Saturday morning and I guarantee…you will feel warmer and the line will move faster!

From all of us here at Prestige Yacht Sales. Happy Holidays!