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What To Do at the CT Spring Boat Show

Friday, April 29th, 2:00 – 3:00

Fast Women, Hydroplane Racing on the Connecticut River: Amy Trout, Curator of the Connecticut River Museum will cover the era of speed racing on the Connecticut River during the first forty years of the Twentieth Century, before America’s entry into World War II. Technological innovation, hydroplane design and manufacture, women racers in a male-dominated sport, and all of the people involved in this sport; sponsors, designers, and racers will be discussed.

Hydroplane racing embodied innovation, speed, and change. The Speed exhibit encapsulates an activity reflective of America during the early 20th century: innovation, economic change, thirst for modernity, and expanding freedoms for women who could participate in male-dominated sports.

Friday, April 29th, 5:30 – 6:30

Richard H. Shriver, Publisher of Estuary Magazine
The Connecticut River … past, present and future

The Connecticut River … its long and peaceful past until the industrial revolution,followed by years of abuse, then partial recovery, and a bright outlook today.

Dick Shriver presents the last 12,000 years of the CT River to the present, with special attention to abuse of the river during and following the industrial revolution. He acknowledges those in government who established the present-day regulatory apparatus that has helped clean up the water in the river. Finally, he summarizes the good works currently underway for the long-term benefit of the environmental and ecological features of the river.

Dick Shriver has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He has held executive positions in government and industry having been assistant secretary of the US Treasury Department and Senior Vice President, Chase Manhattan Bank. He has been professor of business finance & marketing at the International Management Institute, Kiev, Ukraine. He is provost emeritus of the European College of Liberal Arts (now Bard College Berlin), and is currently head coach of girls’ varsity lacrosse at Old Saybrook High School.

Saturday, April 30th

Bucket List: Newport to Bermuda Race, presented by the Cruising Club of America

Whether it is your first time or your tenth or you are planning to sail in 2024, these sessions will provide valuable and fun insights.
1:00 – Rives Potts is President of Safe Harbor Marinas and a two-time winner of the Race. He will open with the key points on what you need to compete and to have a shot at doing well. He will be joined by Paul Jennings, Paul has crewed in seven Races but will be skippering his own boat to Bermuda for the first time in 2022.  The tasks for preparing are very fresh for Paul and he will share them. Also joining will be Dick Holliday from the CCA to talk about how they help first time skippers doing the Race.
2:00 – Frank Bohlen, Professor of Marine Sciences Emeritus from U Conn has long been considered an expert on the weather and the Gulf Stream. He will talk about the best approach to using forecasts and what the Stream has in store this year.
3:00 – Ed Cesare is Commodore of the Storm Trysail Club and has sailed in 18 Newport to Bermuda Races, 8 of those as Navigator. He will discuss how he prepares for the Race.
4:00 – Chad Corning is a professional race boat program manager with a number of ocean crossing and race records to his credit as well as a few world championships. Chad has raced in 13 Newport to Bermuda races and has 35,000 miles of offshore sailing. He is currently in charge of the Argos fleet, including the Argos MOD 70, a foiling seventy-foot trimaran that currently holds a number of race records. He will talk about boat and crew optimization and how to prepare your team to consistently sail the boat fast as she can safely go.
Refreshments are sponsored by Pretty Rugged.
Note: Attendees should arrive with plenty of time to take the ferry across to the Show and these presentations. We recommend coming in the mid-morning to ease congestion.

Saturday, April 30th, 3:00 – 5:00


With the FAKE EXPERIENCE. Check out their playlist:

Sunday, May 1st

12:30 – Captain Mike Roy is the founder and operator of Reel Cast Charters, a full-time fishing charter company based out of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Mike’s angling pursuits have taken him across the country, as well as internationally, fishing in both fresh and saltwater from largemouth bass to giant bluefin tuna. Captain Mike is a United States Coast Guard OUPV Licensed Captain and graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree in Education. Mike will speak on his specialty, fishing in shallow waters for big stripers with light tackle. Also Joining Mike will be The Sound Keeper Bill Lucey from Save The Sound. He will discuss the huge improvements to water quality in the CT River and eastern Long Island Sound and how we can keep that progress moving.
1:30 – Frank Bohlen, UConn Professor of Marine Sciences Emeritus, will join Mike to talk about weather, currents and their impact on fishing in both Long Island and Block Island Sounds.
2:00 – Matt Stone on Kayak Fishing. Matt Stone is a 19 year veteran kayak fisherman. His focus is using topwater plugs for striped bass in the Eastern Long Island Sound. Matt has written for On The Water, Coastal Angler, Angler’s Journal and Fish Talk magazines. His seminar will focus on tactics, tips and preparation geared toward kayak fishing for striped bass.
3:00 – Captain Brian Moskey Being Proactive Offshore – There are many different ways to fish for pelagic species offshore. Whether you’re looking for Bluefin Tuna a few miles out, searching for Mahi Mahi when the water warms up, or making the trek out to the canyon for a chance at multiple different species, there are many different ways to plan your attack towards a successful fishing trip. Being proactive and able to adjust to the time of year and different fishing methods can lead to more consistent success. The more learning you can do each trip, the better fisherman you will become!