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Southport 33 FE Gets A Bold Refresh

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Southport 33 FE Gets a Bold Refresh

Southport Boats has announced a bold refresh of their most popular model, the 33 FE. The much-anticipated update of the 33 FE boasts a variety of new features for both the hardcore angler and the family-centric boater.

The new design creates even more space on deck while adding features to make the new 33 FE exceptionally capable no matter what you want to do with it. A large mezzanine leaning post creates a social space without taking up valuable space in the aft cockpit. The updated aft livewell and ice box arrangement prove to be a flexible layout that is equally suited for days offshore or at the beach. An additional a pair of in-deck fishboxes means there is always plenty of storage onboard, for fish or extra gear that never seems to have a spot to be stored.

The forward cockpit offers the most comfortable spot on board. With a large, plush, bolstered console seat and ergonomic forward benches there’s plenty of room for kicking back and relaxing. Strip the cushions and the forward cockpit remains an unbeatable spot for sight casting, and the full walkaround functionality of a Center Console is not lost.

The upgraded console boasts an even more spacious and inviting interior space, with room to lie down, change after swimming, or just get out of the sun and soak up some comfort of the air conditioning. The console exterior is upgraded to fit more of the controls and displays that boater’s desire, including a pair of 22″ displays

The Southport 33 Family Edition has once again outdone itself to be one of the best in class fishing boats while maintaining everything that makes it the right choice for your family, and still a Southport at heart.