Purchasing a used boat may seem attractive due to the reduced upfront expense; however, the cost and time required to haul out, survey, repair, refit, and equip your new-to-you boat may not be worth the initial low sticker price. In some cases, owners want a “project”, in which buying and fixing up a used sailboat or powerboat serves as a hobby  in their spare time. However, if your primary goal is to get the most out of your experience and enjoy your boat out on the water to its fullest, consider the advantages of buying a new boat and avoid the hassle – especially when there are so many potential unknowns with a used boat.

New boat warranty:

One major benefit of buying new is that the boat usually comes with a warranty. A new boat like a BENETEAU sailboat or powerboat comes with a manufacturer warranty that ensures your boat and its equipment are protected against any rare defects for the initial ownership period. BENETEAU takes warranty another step, ensuring virtually bow to stern coverage for 3 years, provided you follow the mandated service schedule. This warranty program and the associated service work are covered by BENETEAU and your dealer. Once again, you can appreciate the value of working with a professional dealer far beyond the purchase and commissioning of your new BENETEAU.

Be sure to investigate the warranties for every new boat you are considering. Warranties are valuable and an important factor that should influence your decision. Some warranties are transferable, which may become a key selling point, should you decide to sell your boat later on. Find out what the warranty includes (engine, hull, components, accessories, service, etc.) and what kinds of services you can receive if something fails. Warranties vary in length of time, so don’t hesitate to dive into the specifics.

You should also pay special attention to the type of warranty being offered. Some manufacturers offer a third-party warranty, which is essentially a term insurance policy. Their vested interest is to mitigate their exposure. A manufacturer-backed warranty like that of BENETEAU is an agreement between the boat owner and the boat builder.

Latest in comfort & equipment:

In addition to the warranty coverage of your new boat, purchasing a new yacht over a used one means you will enjoy the latest in design, technology, and equipment. The latest hull designs strive to offer better fuel efficiency while optimizing livability on board – for that very reason, think about the increase in beam sizes in just the last decade!

The newest generation of navigation instruments comes with all the bells and whistles that make boating safer and more fun. This is evident at most helm stations, where the chart plotters now boast generous screen sizes upwards of 14 to 16 inches. The user experience is further improved thanks to touchscreen displays and better ergonomics. Many of these attributes are readily available on a new boat but are not easily retrofitted on a used vessel.

When it comes to onboard comfort, many owners simply prefer a vessel with unblemished flooring and upholstery, new heads, and new appliances and mattresses to used ones.